25 January 2011

23 January 2011 - Dhamma Talk & Blessings

Svagatam!  We welcomed the arrival of the venerable Ajahns to Nalanda Centre.
(From left : Ven. Ajahn Vajiro, Ven. Ajahn Chandako, Ajahn Dhammasiha and Ven. Ajahn Hasapanno)
The Ajahns were delighted to browse the complete romanised Pali Tipitaka set available at Pustaka Nalanda.
Mr. Lee Kong Foo, the President of Nalanda Buddhist Society, led the congregation in making offerings to the Triple Gem.
After the guided meditation by Ajahn Vajiro, the devotees listened to the Dhamma and
asked questions to clarify doubts.
Offering of food to the members of the Sangha.

Contemplation before meal and blessings
guided by Sis. Buddhini, the Hon. Secretary of Nalanda Buddhist Society.

Thank you, venerable Ajahns, for the encouraging words to all of us at Nalanda.
(From left : Ven. Ajahn Hasapanno, Ajahn Chandako, Ajahn Vajiro, and Ajahn Dhammasiha)