14 December 2010

Nalanda Centre – Where Wholesome Opportunities Abound!

Nalanda Centre – Where Wholesome Opportunities Abound!

11 December 2010

Dear friends of Nalanda,

Namo Buddhaya!

Today marks the first full-year since the officiating ceremony of Nalanda Centre! It is also an auspicious day to hold Nalanda Institute’s 4th Convocation Ceremony for graduates of Certificate in Buddhist Studies.

Nalanda Centre’s spacious and peaceful ambience provides thousands of people with a conducive environment to learn and contemplate the Dhamma. Since its opening last December, we have had many programmes and activities at the Centre with increasing number of participants coming from all over Malaysia.

Dhamma courses held during the period attracted more than 500 participants. We have also been hosting a monthly ‘Bhavana (Cultivation) Day’ for keen meditators and beginners. Two Buddhist arts and culture exhibitions were also held in March and May to promote awareness and appreciation of our splendid Buddhist heritage.

Since June 2010, we have also started a free tuition programme conducted by a group of dedicated volunteers, benefiting 109 students. We intend to expand this programme next year with 20 volunteer teachers and increase the enrolment to 400 students!

In addition, during the past year, Nalanda Centre hosted six undergraduate camps and management workshops. All these programmes would not be possible without the additional space provided by the existence of the new centre.

The Nalanda Management Committee would like to record our appreciation to the Building Committee members, who are still dedicated in serving and supporting Nalanda even after the completion of the new Centre. Their selfless contributions ensure the new Centre is well-maintained and conducive. Our gratitude also goes to all generous donors and benefactors, committed members, and the generous Buddhist community for your continuous support and encouragement in our efforts to better serve the community. Thank you and may all blessings be yours!

Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta.

With appreciation,

The Management Committee & Members,
Nalanda Buddhist Society