15 December 2010

18 December 2010 - Bhavana Day (One-day Meditation Retreat)

Profile of Venerable Ajahn Sawang Kalayano
Venerable Ajahn Sawang Kalayano was born in northeast Thailand. He was ordained at 21 years old. When he was 3 years in robes, he spent time wandering (‘tudong’) in the north of Thailand. He liked seclusion and progressed well in meditation. During the 20 years of teaching and propagating the Dhamma among the hill-tribes, he experienced in person the difficulties of these people. He decided to help the community. Ajahn can speak many local dialects and started many forest monasteries in the north. He is very experienced in teaching both youth and children.

Profile of Venerable Ajahn Tongsai Subhakijjo
Venerable Ajahn Tongsai Subhakijjo was born in northeast Thailand. After graduated from school, he helped his family as a rice farmer. He worked in Taiwan for 2 years and can speak and write basic Chinese. Weary of competitiveness in the world, he decided to explore the more interesting monastic life. Ajahn is now 14 years in robe and has special interest in bringing youth and children to the Dhamma. He leads the Summer Novice Ordination in Wat Pah Nananchat.

Profile of Venerable Ajahn Cagino
Venarable Ajahn Cagino is a Malaysian. He graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Arts with a Diploma of Arts. Before donning the robes, he used to be a photographer who won no less than 40 awards. From 27 - 29 years old, he went on a journey to search for the Dhamma which took him to Thailand and a forest monastery in New Zealand. Later he spent some time in Hong Fu Si Monastery in Penang as a Mahayanist novice. Much later he was ordained as a novice in Wat Pah Nanachat. At present he lives in a cave in the north of Thailand where he has been for the last 2 years. While he was in the area, he noticed that the poor children of the hill-tribes are pure and innocent with great potential. All is lacking is education. This led him to the founding of the Dhammagiri Foundation in order to help these children.

Profile of Ajahn Maha Tirapanyo
Ajahn Maha Tirapanyo (Ajahn Tun) was born in Chonburi, Thailand, in 1967. He graduated as the top medical student of the year in the whole of Thailand. After his graduation, he continued with his medical studies and research, and completed his PhD. Later, he found himself in a meditation retreat in US under the guidance of Ajahn Jayasaro, the former abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat. Through this retreat, Ajahn Tun, who was still a layman then, realized that the monastic life is what he had been looking for. He returned to Thailand and went forth in Wat Pah Nanachat. With perseverance, he completed a Buddhist course which entitled him the honour of a “Maha” (“Maha” signifies proficiency in Grade Three Pali). Currently, he is the Buddhist adviser and meditation instructor in hospitals, government departments and schools in the vicinity Wat Pah Bun Lom.