18 November 2010

24 Nov - 2 Dec 2010 - Ven. Yogavacara Rahula Dhamma Tour in Malaysia

Nalanda is privileged to host Ven. Yogavacara Rahula for a Dhammaduta Tour in Malaysia from 24 November till 2 December 2010.  Dhamma talks, meditation sessions and lunch dana are scheduled at various Buddhist organizations in Klang Valley to provide opportunities for the Buddhist community to associate and learn from this great practitioner of Dhamma.

Breakfast dana will be offered daily at 7am at Nalanda Centre from 25 Nov - 2 Dec 2010.

Lunch dana will be served at the following venue at 11am:
     26 Nov, Friday       : Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul
     27 Nov, Saturday    : Kinrara Buddhist Society, Puchong
     28 Nov, Sunday      : Nalanda Centre, Serdang
      1 Dec, Wednesday : Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields
      2 Dec, Thursday     : Nalanda Centre, Serdang

Svagatam!  All are welcome!