17 November 2010

17 November 2010 - Effective Writing : How To Get Started

Research & Publications Department, Nalanda Institute Malaysia
Trainer : Sis. Lum Woon Foong
Time : 10am - 5pm

We thank Sis. Lum for conducting the one-day writing course at Nalanda.
The participants have benefited from it.
Planning our writing using the 3 R's -
Reason (what is the reason for writing),
Result (what action do we want from the readers),
Reader (who are they)
Sis. Lum was facilitating the group discussions.

"Good writing is not just about grammar, ideas are also very important. 
To have more ideas, we have to read more." - Bro.Tan.

Students of Nalanda Vidyalaya participated actively in discussions and presentations.

To have spirit in learning something is not enough, we have to master it.
Picture : The two youngest participants in the course, their spirit of learning is strong.

At the end of any writings, if we do not proofread, the results may look like these :