16 November 2010

14 November 2010 - LMS133 Organising a Buddhist Event

Department of Leadership & Management Studies, Nalanda Institute Malaysia
Conductor : Mr. Seow Chye Hiap
Course ourline :
    1. Pre-event planning
        - objective statement of the event
        - organising committee
        - resources (fund, volunteers, equipment, etc.)
        - safety and contingency plan
    2. Post-event evaluation

It was a new course offered by Nalanda Institute Malaysia.  The participants
were representatives from Buddhist societies and undergraduates from nearby universities.

The participants learned the steps involve in organising events.

Mr. Seow shared his experience in organising various Buddhist events with the participants. 
The events included blood donation campaign, parents' day vegetarian dinner, food fair, dhamma talk,
tsunami disaster relief fund, tree planting, lantern and floral festival.