08 September 2010

6th Inter-Dharma School Hymn Singing Competition 2010

It was unexpected, but a worthy winning for Nalanda Vidyalaya! All effort put in paid off for the young singers from Nalanda Vidyalaya on the 4th and 5th September 2010, as the School was crowned the winner of the Challenge Trophy during the 6th Inter-Dharma School Hymn Singing Competition 2010. This year, the competition held at Shah Alam Buddhist Society in Bukit Rimau was jointly organized by Shah Alam Buddhist Society Sunday School, Nalanda Vidyalaya, Kajang Sunday Dhamma School and Bandar Utama Buddhist Society.

In the primary solo category, the student Choo Yi Kang peaked with his first prize performance of "爱在人间" on the first night. Karuna Tan then carried that momentum into the second night with the song “Blessings” and defeated the worthy competitors from eight other schools in the secondary solo category. The secondary group performance on a rendition of '慧灯普照' had prompted the judges to medal them with second prize in category D. The nine students of the secondary group were Ho Yuan Zhan, Melvin Lee, Chan Qi Hua, Clarissa Lee, Karuna Tan, Ng Xeyiing, Ng Xelynn, Magdeline Chu, and Mudita Tan. The primary choir team also impressed the crowd, when being announced the third prize winner in category B. The junior team comprised students Chan Yu, Upekkha Tan, Metta Tan, Neville Lee, Choo Yi Kang won the heart of the judges with the song entitled “My Destiny”.

Members of Nalanda Vidyalaya were over the moon to win the Challenge Trophy this year. After being asked how they felt, one of the students said, “Today is a very happy day for me! Thank to my teacher, facilitators and all my friends. This is the best experience for me, Hooray to Nalanda!” All in all the competition has successfully increased the appreciation of students towards Buddhist Hymns and the spirit to propagate the Buddha Dhamma through Buddhist compositions and songs. Congratulations, Nalanda Vidyalaya!

Primary Solo Category - Champion, Choo Yi Kang
Primary Group Category - Second runner-up
From left : Chan Yu, Choo Yi Kang, Neville Lee, Metta Tan, Upekkha Tan
Secondary Solo Category - Champion, Karuna Tan
Secondary Group Category - First runner-up,
Back row (from left) : Melvin Lee, Chan Qi Hua, Karuna Tan, Magdeline Chu, Clarissa Lee, Ho Yuan Zhan
Front row (from left) : Ng Xeyiing, Ng Xelynn, Mudita Tan
This year, the Best School Award with the Challenge Trophy goes to Nalanda Vidyalaya!