30 August 2010

29 August 2010 - K Sri Dhammananda Memorial Day

With utmost respect as a student, Bro. Mittananda, our Vice President, carried the robes worn by the late Chief Reverend from Nalanda House which houses Nalanda Vidyalaya to Nalanda Centre. 
The robes were encased at the 'memorial corner' in Sumangala Room.
Asking for forgiveness from the late Chief Reverend and teachers of the past.
Ven. Saranankara gave a memorial sermon.  In his sharing, the venerable said that he is still very much inspired by the late Chief's wittiness and patience in handling various monastic and lay matters.
Flowing of water into the vessel symbolises the transference of merits to the departed one.
Read more about the biography and contributions of the late Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia and Singapore from this book.