15 September 2010

19 September 2010 - Gardening Day

Greetings. Nalanda is continuing its annual get-together gardening project on 19 September, this Sunday, 8-11am.  It is part of our greening effort to 'practise' our love and care to the environment that we live in.

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On this Sunday, besides ‘spring cleaning’ the garden in front of Nalanda Centre, we are going to plant bamboos at the corner of the soccer field in front of the Centre. 

We invite you and your family members or friends to come to Nalanda, and let’s together dedicate the Sunday morning to our mother earth. 

You may sponsor a plant or bamboo tree in the name of someone you love or care about, and leave a legacy in this part of the world.

We hope to see you on this Sunday in your best gardening attire.  For enquiries, kindly contact Sis. Visakha at 016-238-0023.