13 September 2010

10 - 12 September 2010 - Bhavana Day

Dear participants,

We thank you for completing the 2½-day meditation retreat at Nalanda Centre.  It was a true testament to your determination, patience and joy in the mindfulness practice.  "Keep going, friends, in the practice of meditation to seek the ultimate truth."

Sayadaw U Agganna gave meditation instructions to the participants in the morning
and Dhamma talks at night.
With determination and patience, I shall meditate, focussing on breaths or the four elements.
Offering of food to Sayadaw with mindfulness and joyful heart.
Reflecting on the true purpose of taking food, I partake it to sustain the body for the
continuation of noble way of life. 
A building tour for Sayadaw after lunch dana on the last day of the retreat.
An autograph by Sayadaw U Agganna, expressing his joy and appreciation for
conducting the meditation retreat at Nalanda.