02 June 2010

Wesak Observance with Increased Spiritual Maturity and Peacefulness

Dear Friends in the Dhamma,

Good Morning!

Wesak Observance at Nalanda has come to a wonderful end last Sunday. We would like to express our gratefulness for your presence and support at Nalanda Centre over the weekend, as well as the supportive responses to our various communication channels throughout the Wesak observance period.

This Wesak, we witnessed the Buddhist community uniting as one, just like the blending of milk and water, a simile uttered by the Buddha when referring to a community of Sangha living harmoniously together. From the planning process to full completion, Nalandians, volunteers and Buddhist Community Alliance members shone working independently, and glowed just as brightly when working in a big team. Arising situations were calmly responded to with great understanding and cooperation. Such qualities are not only admirable but can bring one far in threading the Dhamma path.

We also saw high spirit of benevolence and generosity within the community with devotees and supporters offering food items, flowers, cash and kinds to enliven the Wesak observance and to support the educational mission of the Society.

We are very happy to note that the newly built Nalanda Centre, which hosted its first Wesak observance this year, was put to purposeful use and utilized to the brim to receive more than 1,500 visitors and participants over the four-day period.

We thank you for a successful Wesak observance with increased spiritual maturity and peacefulness. We hope you are well-rested after a weekend of selfless giving and caring. The body may be tired, but a happy mind will keep the energy and spirit high. Having renewed our aspirations this Wesak, let us continue on our upward strive towards a more enlightened existence.


With appreciation,
Sis. Buddhini Tan
Hon. Secretary,
Nalanda Buddhist Society

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