24 May 2010

Wesak Highlight - Heritage Candle-light Procession

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Namo Buddhaya.

Another highlight of Wesak Observance at Nalanda is the annual evening Heritage Procession from 7.30pm to 9pm. This year’s procession will be a lot grander with the official participation of five Buddhist Societies from the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA), namely the Buddhist Missionary Society (Kajang), Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society (Puchong), Nalanda Buddhist Society (Seri Kembangan), Sungai Long Buddhist Society (Sungai Long), and Seremban Sudhamma Buddhist Society (Seremban). More than 2,000 devotees are expected to take part in this traditional procession bearing special paper-fold candle-lights.

The Heritage Procession is unique in the sense that there are no motorized vehicles in the parade. The main Buddha image is borne by a dozen men in traditional costumes on a wooden sedan. Furthermore, there will also be a specially crafted wooden ‘boat’ ferrying the Bodhi Tree topped by a three-tier golden parasol. The ‘boat’ will be pulled by a company of 20 men. The other heritage paraphernalia being paraded include colourfully lighted parasols, Deva (heavenly beings) images, and two lively Naga (dragon) dance troupes with an accompanying musical ensemble. Devotees and members of the public are welcome and encouraged to join in this rare and one of its kind heritage procession in the world. Everyone is also encouraged to dress in white tops to symbolize purity of intentions and the sarong to denote our common Asian heritage.

We invite you and your loved ones to come and join us in this unique and meaningful procession. Do visit http://thestaronline.tv/v/5655 to view Nalandians’ sharing on the Heritage Procession at Nalanda, featured on The Star Online.

Please log on to www.nalanda.org.my/wesak for the detailed Wesak programme. For enquiries and information on how you may participate or contribute your service, please contact Sis. Nandini at 016-338 3982 or Nalanda office at 03-8938 1500.

Thank you!

With metta,
Sis. Buddhini
Hon. Secretary
Nalanda Buddhist Society

Website : www.nalanda.org.my
Facebook : www.facebook.com/nalanda.org.my

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