26 May 2010

Wesak 2010 Message from the Management Committee

Dear Members and Devotees,

Wesak is a sacred day for Buddhists, an occasion to commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of the Lord Buddha more than twenty-five centuries ago. Most Buddhists choose to observe this occasion mindfully, peacefully, with full gratitude and reverence for our great Teacher.

Here at Nalanda, we also advocate the spirit of giving and caring to honour the Buddha’s message of love and peace. We encourage all devotees, volunteers and the general public to give selflessly through activities such as the Blood Donation, Mass Food Offering, Alms Giving, and Transference of Merits.

This kind of activities augment well for the fostering of unity and understanding, as members, devotees and volunteers come together to work joyously and harmoniously for the welfare of others. And hence, Wesak also becomes an occasion to reach out and unite the Buddhist community in the spirit of compassion.

For the past several years, Nalanda has adopted Wesak themes with the element of ‘Unity’. This year, the theme turns dynamic and pressing with the call for “Unity! Now!”. This is aptly so, as the Society has taken a proactive step to become a part of the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA) on 1 May 2010, an alliance formed by five Buddhist societies intent on Buddhist education and Dhamma propagation.

As part of its community service initiatives, BCA will undertake a string of communal projects. The first being the Grand Wesak Candlelight Procession in Sri Serdang on 28 May 2010 where more than 1,000 Buddhists shall come united as one community.

In unity we stand, in harmony we strive, thus the lyrics in ‘Anthem of Unity’ written by the Wayfarers many years ago. These words shall ring true this Wesak with us giving and caring beyond superficial organization, communal and even religious boundaries. Let us extend our sincerest hospitality and friendship to our fellow brothers and sisters, regardless of race, background and status throughout this Wesak period.

Let us reach beyond ourselves and cultivate unity and a community spirit so highly praised by the Lord Buddha.

Happy is the birth of Buddhas. Happy is the teaching of the sublime Dhamma. Happy is the unity of the Sangha. Happy is the discipline of the united ones! ~ Dhammapada verse 194 ~

With metta,
Lee Kong Foo
Nalanda Buddhist Society.

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