27 May 2010

Happy Wesak!

Dear Friends in the Dhamma,

Happy Wesak!

It is now less than a day away from the most sacred day of the Buddhist calendar. Wesak Day is the official New Year Day for Buddhists the world over. As in the conventional New Year Day, where we start afresh with renewed wishes and resolutions, so should we take stocks and reevaluate our lives on this Holy Wesak Day. This is the period for us to reestablish our faith in the Triple Gem and reaffirm our resolutions with regards to Dhamma learning, practice and realization.

We encourage you to take some time off to reflect on the followings.
- How much positive changes has Dhamma effected on my life?
- How much of the Dhamma knowledge gained have I shared with people around me?
- How much more have I cared and contributed to the community?

At the trail end of this message, you will find the last piece of our 8 series “Countdown to Wesak B.E. 2554 Message”. We hope the brief messages are useful in preparing you for a meaningful Wesak observance. We also hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the various activities* lined up for you during this Wesak period.

We take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very joyful Wesak. Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam. May all blessings be yours.

With metta,
Sis. Buddhini Tan
Hon. Secretary,
Nalanda Buddhist Society

Wesak Programme : www.nalanda.org.my/wesak
Wesak Heritage Candle-light Procession : http://thestaronline.tv/v/5655
Website : www.nalanda.org.my

*Highlights of Wesak Activities at Nalanda
Wesak Observance Opening - 27 May 2010, Thursday, 8pm
Almsround - 28 May 2010, Friday, 7am
Blood Donation Drive - 28 May 2010, Friday, 10am-4pm
Buddha Jayanti Exhibition - 28-30 May 2010, Friday-Saturday, 10am-6pm & Sunday, 10am-2pm
Mass Food Offering - 28 May 2010, Friday, 5pm
Wesak Candlelight Procession - 28 May 2010, Friday, 7pm
Colouring & Drawing Competition - 29 May 2010, Saturday, 9am

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