06 October 2009

Mid-Autumn Celebration 2009 - All Things Great Came Together

Dear friends,

Happy Mid-Autumn greetings!

Pesta Tanglung Nalanda 2009 was successfully held at the field beside Nalanda House on Sunday, 4 October 2009. The weather was rather gloomy earlier on that day with strong winds and dark clouds covering the afternoon sky. All things great came together when guests started to stream in and the sky turned clear with soft breeze blowing in the background throughout the evening.

The event saw more than 300 people taking part, coming mostly from the neighbourhood, thus fulfilling the Society’s wish of spreading Dhamma to the immediate Chinese-speaking community.

The guests were firstly guided to the New Nalanda Centre to witness the Gold Leaf Adherence ceremony. The ambience in the shrine hall was extremely quiet and peaceful. Guests and volunteers moved about adhering gold leaves mindfully. The act was further sanctified by monks reciting verses of blessings to the generous devotees.

At the field, guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner and a host of programmes specially catered for them. The elders were taken down the memory lane with beautiful renditions of Chinese oldies and cultural performances. Devotees were mesmerized by a lively sharing of Dhamma entitled “Perfect Life”. The younger ones too, had their fair share of fun attempting to solve various riddles. The younger children also played to their hearts content at the games counter.

The night came to a perfect end when young and old carrying brightly lit lanterns marched around the field on a joyful Mid-Autumn procession. Two monks from the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple led the congregation on sharing of merits and blessings before the Society bade farewell to all guests.

Nalanda would like to take this opportunity to thank big-hearted sponsors and committed volunteers for making the evening a joyful and meaningful occasion for all present. Thank you for contributing to the Dhamma propagation cause for our Chinese-speaking community!

We look forward to your continued support and hope to see you again in our future community reach-out projects.

With appreciation,
Bro. Aggavamsa Wong
Nalanda Buddhist Society

Important Note:

The adherence of Gold Leaf at the Buddha altar will run for one month commencing 4th October 2009. Sponsorship of gold leaf at RM10 a piece is available at Nalanda Buddhist Society daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Sponsored gold leaves will be offered at the altar and adhered to the wall of the new Nalanda Centre.

Sponsors are encouraged to share the merits of this noble deed with their family members and departed relatives. Proceeds from the sponsorship will be channeled to the Nalanda building and development fund. Kindly spread this good news to your friends and family members. For more information, please contact Sis. Wai Chin at +603.8948.8055 or +6012.547.7185.

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