13 October 2009

Charity Musical Hits All The Right Notes

Tickets for the Charity Musical “I Have a Date with Spring” performed by Dama Orchestra in aid of Nalanda Building and Development Fund were selling like hot cakes since August, and by September, were fully subscribed, quite beyond our expectation!

Last Sunday, 10 October, all 500 musical fans were so taken up with the singing, dancing and music from the start. The talented singers – Tan Soo Suan, Janet Lee, Fang Chyi Chang and Cassie Wong, belted out their songs to the appreciative audience. The world-acclaimed show depicted the dreams, hopes, love, trials and tribulations of 4 aspiring singers, plus the popular culture of 1960s - 1980s: the hairstyle, costume, jewelry and musical instruments. Before everyone knew it, Act One was over and an hour and a half had elapsed! Act Two was no less entertaining and impressive! The audience greatly enjoyed this fabulous premiere and commended that it was indeed worth the 2-month wait.

The Management Committee of Nalanda Buddhist Society would like to express our utmost appreciation to Dama Orchestra, KLPac, sponsors, donors, friends, volunteers and members of the public who have generously supported this Charity Musical. The proceed from the event goes towards Nalanda Building and Development Fund, specifically for Nalanda’s new 4-storey Education Centre located in Sri Serdang, Selangor. We believe that everyone went away with uplifted and happy hearts after having done much good to the community, besides enjoying the superb performance show at KLPac that evening.

Thank you!

With gratitude,
Sis. Buddhini
Assistant Secretary,
Nalanda Buddhist Society

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