21 August 2009

New Nalanda Dharma Centre Progress Update (11-20 August 2009)

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Namo Buddhaya!

Finally, the roofing works have started in earnest on the top floor with the laying of the first layer of industrial zinc. Subsequently, layers of insulation, bitumen and so forth will be added onto the roof. To mark the occasion, Nalanda organized a simple luncheon to thank all our workers and sub-contractors on 19 August at Nalanda House, with all-round cheers from everybody.

Ceiling works are on-going on Level 1 at the moment, and shall be completed next week. Air-conditioning units are also being installed. Besides that, tiling works have also been completed for kitchen and washroom areas.

It is now less than 120 days to the officiating ceremony of New Nalanda Centre on 11 December. However, as of 20 August 2009, the Building Fund is still short of RM 970,000.00. Your contribution to this noble project is most welcome!

Our daily chanting and blessing session continues at Nalanda Dharma Centre, 8pm, from Mondays to Saturdays; and 9am on Sundays. We invite you and your family members to join us.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be upon all of us, and may all beings be well and happy.

Thank you and Anumodana!

With metta,
The Management Committee
Nalanda Buddhist Society

Plaster Ceiling at Level 1

Tiling at Level 1 Kitchen

Roofing at Level 4

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