28 August 2009

A Community Comes Together


28 August 2009, Friday

A Community Comes Together

Dear friends,

Life is uncertain!” That was the most common refrain by the hundreds of community members that kept streaming into Nirvana Memorial Center where the wakes are held for the late Sis GG Tan and Sis Julie Ang. The memorial halls and hallways were crowded last night, the first day of the wake, from early evening until way past midnight.

Many Buddhist monks, nuns, and the laity representing various Societies came to chant for the deceased, and to provide moral support to their families. Among them, the venerable monks from the Buddhist Maha Vihara, led by the Sri Lankan Chief Monk, K Sri Dhammaratana. The Adhikarana Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia Ven. B Sri Saranankara led monks from Sentul Temple to chant for the deceased. Also there were monks and devotees from Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. Ven.Sin Kang led a group of Bhikshunis and Sakyaditha members to transfer merits to both Sis GG and Sis Julie.

Other groups that came were the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society Chanting group, the Selangor Vipassana Meditation group, the Malaysian Buddhist Association (KL/Selangor Branch) members, and the Buddhist Gem Fellowship members led by its President Datuk Dr.Victor Wee. Also present were Buddhist community leaders and concerned individuals from all walks of life. The Nalanda volunteers were out in force with 80 helpers working in shifts throughout the day.

The wake of the late Mrs.Teh at the family residence in Taman Sejahtera Off Jalan Kuching was no less inspiring. Hundreds of relatives, friends and Buddhist devotees came to honour their lost kin. Prayers were offered by the monks and laity as the family of Mr.Teh were constantly greeted with messages of love and concern.

Though there were many people streaming in and out, the scenes at the wakes remain peaceful and with strong vibes of metta-karuna. The large turnout is testimony to the great services the deceased had rendered to the Buddha-Sasana. They have directly and indirectly touched the lives of many; and now, many folks have come to pay their respects, and in turn, touch the lives of the deceased’s families.

It seems like the Buddhist community in KL and Selangor has come together as “A Community” to honour their comrades. That shows that even in death, our late sisters are contributing to our unity and strength.

Let us not forget them easily, but remember them in the right manner, with metta and gratitude. But more importantly, let us constantly recollect what they have done for the community, and honour their noble deeds by continuing their work as tirelessly as they had been.

The value of life lies not in the length of days, but the use we make of them. A man may live long, yet live very little.”

Our sisters may not have lived as long as we had wished, but they definitely have not lived in vain. They have lived a useful, dignified human existence, benefiting scoreless people in the process. And, we are quite certain, they will still live on in our hearts.

Anicca vata Sankhara! All component things are impermanent.

Santi. Peace.

With metta,
Sis Buddhini,
Nalanda Desk

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