31 July 2009

New Nalanda Dharma Centre Progress Update (21- 31 July 2009)

The concrete slab of the 4th Floor was cast on Saturday, 25th July 2009. With this, the building is now being converted to 4-storeys with an additional space of approximately 3000 sq. feet.

At the First Floor, the brick walls dividing the rooms have been completed and the electrical work has begun. Sanitary piping on the Ground Floor is almost completed, and the plastering and electrical works are underway.

Hopefully, the rebuilding can continue to progress smoothly and stay on schedule untill its completion.

We look forward to receiving your continued support and donation towards the Nalanda Building Fund. Currently, the shortage stands at RM1.0 million (as of 26 July 2009).

Thank you and Anumodana!

With metta,
The Management Committee
Nalanda Buddhist Society

4th Floor Concrete Slab

Plastering Work at 1st Floor

Sanitary Piping at Ground Floor

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