22 July 2009

New Nalanda Dharma Centre Progress Update (11-20 July 2009)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are happy to report the completion of basic support structures and wall for the 2nd Floor. The workers are currently focusing on the formworks of the Attic Floor for the concrete slab. In these 7 weeks since the rebuilding started, the work progress is being closely monitored and inspected by our Civil & Structural Consultant, Bro. Dhammaruci Cheong, Architect Mr. Ng Poh Kwang, and Project Manager, Mr. Lim Seong Leong. Maha Sadhu to their devotion and commitment!

On the Ground Floor, the electrical and air-conditioning trunkings are being installed. We expect the plastering and electrical works to be completed by early August.

We will continue to post regular pictures and updates on the progress being made at the New Dharma Centre to keep your fingers on the pulse. We also welcome your contributions to the project as we are currently still short of RM1.0 million.

Thank you!

With metta,
The Management Committee
Nalanda Buddhist Society

Strengthening Support Structure for Attic Floor

Formworks at Attic Floor

Plastering & Electrical Works at Ground Floor

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