08 May 2009

Wesak Observance 2009 - Message from the Management Committee Nalanda Buddhist Society

Dear Members and Devotees,

With the blessings of the Triple Gem, we are again fortunate to observe Wesak Day on 9 May 2009, year 2553 B.E. according to the Buddhist Calendar.

This year, the world is suffering from its worst economic crisis. Many people are in a helpless situation as their futures suddenly seem dim. Many analysts have also drawn dismay picture of the world’s economic prospect for a few more years to come. Many governments around the world including ours have introduced stimulus packages in trying to overcome the downturn.

Again, “Anicca” rules. We cannot run away from the impact of changes and impermanence. So how should Buddhists respond to this situation? There are numerous things we can do as individuals. However, most importantly, Buddhists at this moment should be the source of strength to the weakening ones and source of inspiration to the suffering ones.

Therefore, Buddhists should be the manifestation of the Dhamma by being more positive, caring with loving kindness and equanimous to live through this adversity. We must remember that the greatness of Buddhism is not lying on the altar but it is the Dhamma that shines and inspires the world. What makes the Dhamma great at all times is because it gives the right answers to prevent and solve problems of contemporary society. Without failing, those practise the Dhamma will secure peace and happiness.

In these uncertain times, let us aspire to spread the message of peace and happiness to the community. The Wesak theme this year, “Building a Peaceful Community with Respect & Understanding” is very timely. At home, our family bonds will be further strengthened if understanding and respect are practised. Further to that, families with different backgrounds and cultures will appreciate each other more if understanding and respect are in place. If this principle were enlarged and applied to the community, it is possible that we can enjoy real peace and harmony.

Happy Wesak! Let the Dhamma be our guide to lift us out of the gloom.

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta!

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