12 November 2008

Welcoming Pali Tipitaka to Malaysia

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With joyful hearts, we are pleased to share with you the following good news.

The Dhamma Society of Thailand and the World Tipitaka Project, upon a special nomination by the World Tipitaka Council of Sri Lanka, have nominated Nalanda Institute as a recipient of the International Sixth Buddhist Council Pali Tipitaka in Roman Script.

This Royal Gift of Tipi
aka is a limited edition of a hard-cover set with gold edging in 40 volumes. It is only presented to leading international institutions worldwide.

The Director of Nalanda Institute, Bro. Tan Ho Soon, will lead a delegation to receive the Tipitaka in a Royal ceremony in Bangkok on 15 November 2008. There will be formal receptions by the President of the Constitutional Court of Thailand, by the Governor of Bangkok, and members of Thai royalty.

We hereby invite you to share the joy, and join us in a Special Puja dedicated to the success of this Mission. The Special Puja will be held on this coming Full-Moon Uposatha Day, 12/11/2008 (Wednesday), 8pm at Nalanda Dharma Centre.

We firmly believe that this gift of Dhamma will be a valuable resource to many in Malaysia to further study, practise and propagate the Buddha-Dhamma. Let us together make this noble aspiration a reality and may the Buddha-Sasana long endure!

** Update : 12/11/2008, 11:25pm **

Chanting with full of devotion.

** Update : 13/11/2008 **

Fr om Left: Bro Tan Ho Soon, Uncle Vijaya, Mr & Mrs Tee

The delegates left to Bangkok on 13/11/2008 (Thursday) at 6pm.

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