20 June 2008


Statement by Nalanda Buddhist Society
Thursday, 19 June 2008, 10.30pm


Dear friends in the Dhamma,

We regret to inform you that the Dhammaduta Tour to Malaysia by Venerable Ajahn Vajiro, originally scheduled for 20 - 29 June 2008, has been postponed indefinitely.

Ajahn was scheduled to arrive in Malaysia at 5.20pm on Friday, 20 June. In fact, he was in Bangkok looking forward to his trip. However, we received a telephone call from him at 8.30pm today (Thursday, 19 June), saying that his father is critically ill in England. Ajahn's family has requested his immediate return to London to be by his father's side. Hence, he has made the difficult decision to postpone his Malaysian Dhammaduta Tour to return to England on the next available flight from Bangkok.

Therefore, we regret to announce that all of Ajahn's scheduled talks and programmes at various Buddhist Centres have been called off. These include talks at
Nalanda Dharma Centre, the BGF, Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Seremban Buddhist Vihara and the Shah Alam Buddhist Temple. The pindapata (alms-round), breakfast and lunch dana are similarly cancelled.

We are aware that many devotees are looking forward to Ajahn's trip and
Dhamma talks. Some have even made arrangements to come from other states. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to all of you. Ajahn also wanted us to help him convey his regrets and deepest apologies to everyone for the inconvenience caused by the postponement of his trip. Nalanda Buddhist Society as the host and coordinator of this Dhammaduta Tour would also like to apologize to all our sister organizations, individuals and Ajahn's supporters in Malaysia for the sudden and unexpected change. Your understanding on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Venerable Ajahn Vajiro further reassured us that he intends to visit Malaysia in the near future. We have also invited Ajahn to visit us the soonest he is available again. Even before the Venerable Ajahn had spoken, he has given us this great lesson of Dhamma - and that is ANICCA - all conditioned things are subject to change!

At this juncture, let us also arouse thoughts of loving-kindness and compassion for the well-being of Ajahn's father in England. May he be free from physical and mental suffering, and may his loved ones be calm and peaceful. We also wish Ajahn a safe and speedy trip back to his family in England.

On behalf of Nalanda, we thank you for your kind support and understanding. Should you require further clarification, kindly call us at +6012-308-9212. Sukhi hontu.

With metta,

Tan Ho Soon
Nalanda Buddhist Society

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