02 December 2007

Meeting of Chanting Leaders/Coordinators

On 1st December 2007, Meeting of Chanting Leaders/Coordinators was held at Nalanda Buddhist Society. A total of 20 Buddhist Societies coming from various states in Malaysia sent their representatives to discuss on issues and exchange views pertinent to establishment of a uniform Pali chanting platform for Buddhist organization in Malaysia.

The main discussion was lead by the Vice President & Chanting Leader of Seck Kia Eenh(SKE), Bro Kenny Chan.

Welcoming speech by Bro Tan Ho Soon, Advisor of Nalanda Buddhist Society.

Presentation by Uncle Vijaya. Various issues were addressed in regards to Buddhism in Malaysia.

Chanting in Unison by SKE Chantingfarers lead by Bro Kenny Chan.


Offering of Dana to member of the Sangha, Venerable Ratanasiri, Spiritual Advisor of SKE.

Volunteers of Nalanda Buddhist Society serving lunch to guests.

Discussion chaired by Bro Kenny Chan.

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